Four Days in Prague, Photographed at Random

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Dsc00571.jpg Dsc00572.jpg Dsc00573.jpg Dsc00574.jpg

The Municipal Auditorium. Gorgeous.

Good King Wenselslaus in the Background

Dsc00575.jpg Dsc00576.jpg Dsc00577.jpg Dsc00578.jpg

In Prague Castle

Dsc00585.jpg Dsc00586.jpg Dsc00588.jpgDsc00589.jpg

Scary Skull Statue (that they had to put somewhere) in Prague Castle.

Dsc00590.jpg Dsc00591.jpg

Dsc00602.jpg Dsc00603.jpg Dsc00604.jpg Dsc00605.jpg Dsc00606.jpg

Getting all pensive on the Charles Bridge.


View from the Bridge

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