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Reviews of Various DVD Authoring Programs
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 General Notes on DVD Authoring & Burning
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A Quick Tutorial on Getting Video to DVD

A Review of the Sony FireWire DVD Burner


Greetings! I am still pretty new at burning DVDs, but I am learning fast. The idea of this site is to lower the learning curve for others interested in the subject of making their own DVDs. There are lots of resources on the web on this subject, of course -- the problem is finding them, and finding the ones that are worthwhile. My listing of sites in the General Notes and Comments article should help on that score.

My experience has been that the other big challenge is simply getting a handle on the principles and procedures involved in making DVDs -- and, as a side issue, is decoding some of the the jargon and techno-gibberish that comes with the territory . The article with reviews of DVD authoring programs discusses some issues involved with those points, and the quick tutorial should help as well.! 

There's the old joke about how you can take piano lessons and teach piano at the same time -- as long as you stay one lesson ahead of your students. That's sort of the idea here. I'll try and pass on what I learn as soon as I do -- and maybe I'll keep ahead of you. If you have any thoughts and comments, use my public email address which I promise to try and check fairly often. (I have gimmicked how that email address is shown so the various spam-zombie robots won't be able to pick it off quite so easily -- which means you'll have to enter it by hand into your mailing program instead of clicking on it. Try and bear up under the strain.) 

All the best --


Note: I am saving a few bucks by hosting this site in a sub-directory of another website I run. This might mean the web address in your web browser will look a little odd, but it shouldn't have any other effect.

For starters, at least, this is going to be a pretty straightforward bulletin-board website, without a lot of "interactive" features. We'll see how it goes before we get too fancy.

This site is maintained by Roger MacBride Allen. You may contact him at .

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