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12 November 2005 -- Matthew's birthday at Grammie Scottie and Grampa Tom's house

This just in -- photos of Eleanore with someone beside her children!

Our Easter Message to the
Whole World, or something.

Portrait of a Neat Eater



Grammy Scottie Made Matthew
a New Sweater!

Big Brother is watching ....

his little brother!

Day Two updates

Sliding home...

One Week Old


 See this artwork


greatly enlarged.

Analyse the deeply significant meaning of this artwork...


Mom and the boys, 12 March 2005


Matthew and his Mom (Valentine's Day, 2003)

Visit our first try at a photo album.
Photos of Matthew's
First Day of School, 2003.
Our Guest House back home gets clobbered!
Click here for a quick peek at a
busy executive child, 27 Sept, 2003.
Thank you for the Giant Sea Tortoise.
Klonked Bikes and a Full Lap

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Fresh February Fasching Phun

Click here for Valentine's Day 2004!


Early Christmas '03 Imagery

Some Quick December '03
 Official Portraits

Matthew's Fifth Birthday and
Bonus Birthday Fun
NEW! Face-Painting on Mallorca
Plus -- More Mallora pictures
Prague Pictures


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